Tips to Avoid Static and Frizz


Cold weather is here and so are the holidays, which means looking good is a priority! With cold weather, brings static and frizz. The last thing you will want to deal with this winter season is that. I can’t tell you how many times I spend hours getting ready and perfecting my hair style, to get in the car and notice frizz. I don’t want that stress, and I assume neither do you!

Here is my advice for a few tips and tricks, to finally be able to control your hair and fight hard to control static and frizz this winter:

What Causes Static and Frizz?

Hair static and frizz occur in dry conditions in the absence of water or oil molecules on your hair. Once you have dry hair, your strands of hair rub together creating friction, causing an electric charge, which causes the static and frizz to happen. Static is also caused by our dry clothes and dry heat from the furnace.

Improved Moisture + Reduced Friction = No/Less Static and Frizz

What Can Be Done?


Avoid taking long hot showers and washing your hair every day of the week. Your scalp and hair produce natural oils, long showers and washing can deplete these pretty quick.


Avoid using plastic combs or brushes with nylon or other synthetic bristles. Synthetic bristles like nylons and plastics create a static charge. You can mist/spray your comb or brush with some water before using it to add moisture and prevent static build-up.

Hair Dryer

Avoid the conventional heat blow dryers as they can be damaging to your hair. A conventional blow dryer set to the cool/cold setting with give your a natural dry, but it will take longer. My preference is an Ionic blow dryer, which emit negative charge ions that attach to the positive charge hair and acts as a neutralizing effect. Rather than evaporating water with heat, they break down the water molecules and blow them away. A lot of science, but they work great and leave your hair healthy.


Use a moisturizing shampoo or conditioner to keep or lock in vital nutrients and moisture. My favorite no static no frizz product is O&M’s Frizzy Logic serum. A few drops on your hand and rub through your hair…frizz is gone! Or simply spray some water on your hair. Not to mention Oway’s Moisturizing Hair Bath and Mask¬†


Absorb the static current with a metal object, such as a metal changer. Finally keep your house humidity at at least 53%.