Organic Way vs Original Mineral Hair Color

Oway vs O&M Hair Color

Organic Way vs Original Mineral Hair Color

Let me keep this simple, I have done a lot of research in finding a perfect hair color line in the natural and organic niche as I had developed a severe case of contact dermatitis from an allergy to a few ingredients. With a simple Google search, you can find several brands making claims of high quality ingredients. I am here know, consolidating the research I have done, comparing alternative color lines. Today I will be comparing Oway and O&M. I currently use both of these brands in my day-to-day operations and love each of them. It is good to be able to offer both great brands as each brand may work differently on each client. On top of that, small variety is a good thing for your clients.

Organic Way (Oway) vs Original and Mineral (O&M)

 Organic Way
Original & Mineral
Color Shades9599
Bio-dynamic IngredientsYesYes
Fair Trade IngredientsYesYes
PackagingSugar Cane Waste + Aluminum TubesAluminum Tubes
Organic IngredientsYesYes
FragranceEssential OilEssential Oil
Base ColorsTrue to ShadeCool Based
Grey CoverageFull CoverageFull Coverage
No Heat/PretreatmentsYesYes
PPD-FreeNo (less than 1%)Yes

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