hair color ingredients

Is there really Organic Hair Color?

hair color ingredients

The term “Organic Hair Color” is over used. The current terminology of the word “organic” is being marketed all over the beauty industry and typically presented as a false claim. You may notice some brands such as Organic Salon Systems that have organic right in the name or even a specific product like “Clarifying Organic Shampoo”. Organic Salon Systems has excellent products, but they are NOT 100% organic as depicted. They certainly use organic ingredients, but just a few. It is important not to fall victim to this deceitful marketing strategy.

Hair coloring products have a strict labeling policy by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) regulations for the terms “Made with Organic“, “Organic“, and “100% Organic“. (1)

  • Made with Organic means that a minimum of 70% of the listed ingredients are classified as “Certified Organic” (Water excluded).
  • Organic means that a minimum of 90% of the listed ingredients are classified as “Certified Organic” (Water excluded).
  • 100% Organic means that 100% of the listed ingredients are classified as “Certified Organic” (Water excluded).


Is there a Temporary or Semi-Permanent Hair Color that is Organic?

Of course there is. You can buy organic box color right at almost any health market. Just remember, temporary hair color typically lasts no more than 6 weeks and fades progressively.


Is there a Permanent or Professional Hair Color that is Organic?

Unfortunately there is not.

Right now, there is No organic solution to permanent hair color. This is said due to the fact that no organic ingredient has been used to penetrate deep in to you hair follicle in a color developer, also organic colors tend to be a swing and a miss, the color may vary per tube.

With all that being said, in the future, there very well could be. I personally use products that are as close to organic as possible, that also give a high quality color and tone to your hair. I definitely believe that your hair should be the closest to what nature intended it to be. This is done by helping people achieve what they want their hair to feel like to create smoothness, texture, and volume with natural and products and treatments. My goal is always to use the safest products that do not sacrifice the professional results!

I am constantly researching new color lines and hair products to bring in to my salon that are more organic.

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