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Is there really Organic Hair Color?

The term “Organic Hair Color” is over used. The current terminology of the word “organic” is being marketed all over the beauty industry and typically presented as a false claim. You may notice some brands such as Organic Salon Systems that have organic right in the name or even a specific product like “Clarifying Organic Shampoo”. Organic Salon Systems […]

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Prevent and Reverse Gray Hair

The Reason You Get Gray Hair Your hair color is affected by melanocytes, which are small hair pigment cells located within hair follicles (1). The melanocytes contain the genetic information for both your skin, and hair color. As you age, your body’s production of melanocytes gradually decreases. Eventually the production of melanocytes will stop, and leave your hair gray. […]

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Essential Oil Bends Outdoor

Everyday Essential Oils to Better your Health!

What are Essential Oils? Essential oils (EO) are the natural oil, “fragrance” characteristics from plant extracts. These extracts are known as the aromatic volatile molecules, which are the fundamental structure of the plants. The extracted oils are increased in potency typically by steam distillation. The concentration of potency compared to the actual plant is typically […]

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