Revive Salon + Health was founded in 2014 by Merissa Luetjen. With a love of health and nutrition, Merissa wanted to find an alternative solution to standard hair salons using conventional products. The average hair salon products contain many dangerous chemicals, toxins, and allergens. After years of working as a stylist, she had been exposed to the extreme allergens in other products with chemicals and artificial additives causing possible short-term and long-term affects. This led to an almost career ending allergy.

While experimenting with new color lines and products claiming to be natural & organic, she found that they had been marketed to hide all the ingredients. She took the risk of changing color lines several times, on a quest to find the healthiest, natural, and organic hair color and hair products. We have discovered and use the highest quality products from Simply Organic Beauty. As the future approaches, new hair color and hair products may change as we find a better solution. Your hair deserves to be taken care of from your first appointment. We are currently in the process of expanding to provide you with an environment as pure as the products we use.

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Our approach is simple; provide each of our clients with the healthiest alternative to beauty products to minimize the amount of chemicals around you.

Nature + Science = Perfect Approach to Holistic Beauty.

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The European Union (EU) has over 1,372 banned cosmetic ingredients, as of 2013. The United States’ FDA has banned just over 11 cosmetic ingredients. Banned cosmetic ingredients in conventional hair products have possible short and long term effects on your body. The EU acts on the precautionary principle, which means they ban chemicals that are the suspect of causing harm.

We too operate under the precautionary principle. We apply the same holistic approach on our clients as we apply to ourselves. Basic exposure to conventional hair products has its risks, risks that we are not going to take on you.

Why it matters?

Short and long term exposure to toxins and chemicals has possible side effects to cause a variety of hormone imbalances, new allergies, and other diseases. The explanation of how this is possible is through genetic mutations, which can occur when your immune system is in a weakened state. With the constant exposure of toxins and chemicals and a weakened immune system, the chance of a genetic mutation to your DNA becomes possible.

Beauty on the Inside
Beauty on the Outside

How you feel and what you put in to your body reflects your external beauty.

Internal stressors such as hormone imbalances and external environmental toxins transform how your body feels and functions.

Our goal will always be you and your health by removing these stressors.


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